Here at Phussy Couture we always try to include measurements of the garments. All measurements are in inches. Heres a rough guide to measuring yourself. 
  • To measure your bust, measure across the entire bust. As well as under the bust. depending on the item style. 
  • To measure your waist, measure the smallest part of your stomach - above your hips and under your bust. 
  • To measure your hips, make sure you measure around your bum.
  • Leg measurements are the inseam of a trouser leg. Starting at the crotch to the trouser hem. 
If the product description says ''low-rise'' this is because the garment sits below the waist, on the hips. Therefore the waist band measurement will apply to the hips. 
Please also note the vintage items are usually smaller to modern day sizing. Therefore the product listing may be different to the label of the item. 
Any questions about measurements, please email us at
Here are some size guide charts: